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8 Month Insanity

I have not posted in a while. My son is now 8 months old. He now has four teeth and is trying to walk. Yes, walk not crawl. He has no interest what so ever in crawling. Granted, I can't really say I blame him. Crawling seems kinda lame. He loves to eat the white cheddar Cheeze-Its. He is not much of a breakfast eater, but he loves lunch and dinner. We both love to watch a little bit of Sesame Street and The Lion King song videos. Also, he has learned how to fake cry from his cousin. Literally, he will look at me and fake cry in order to try and get his way. The other day, he started to do it and I sat him on the couch and said he was in time out (Joking of course. He's too young to even fully understand what he is doing right now.) He suddenly stopped and then started smiling at me and we just laughed. I love watching his personality develop. He is so silly and just loves to laugh. Thankfully, he also really enjoys being outside. Basically, he is pretty awesome. I love being a mom.

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