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Boob Pains: Final Chapter! #Resolved

So, it turns out, I was getting milk blebs on my nipple. You typically get a milk bleb from an improper latch. I always noticed that when my son got a new tooth coming in, his latch would change very subtly, and I would get a milk bleb. Every. Time... They suck! I figured out how to combat the evil milk blebs thanks to mom boards and Google. I decided to use a sewing needle and basically pop the milk bleb. I made sure not to go too far. I did just enough to removed the skin over the clogged pore. I would then soak my nipple every now and then in warm saltwater. (I do not recommend you do this yourself. I suggest that you see a qualified physician before doing this to yourself. I am saying this so that you can not possibly sue me if something were to go wrong. Just keeping it real.) I have not had one in a little bit since he's teething has slowed down a little bit. He currently has six teeth. They grow so fast!😪 It's awful. That is the end of my boob pains story! Finally! #breastfeedingmama #milkbleb #victory

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