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Boob Pains Part 2!

So as it turns out, my previous diagnosis of improper latch was not the problem. I contacted my lactation consultant because I was still having a crazy burning pain in my right boob after feeds. I am not a fan of being up at 3 o'clock in the morning with my poop on fire knowing in a couple of hours my baby is gonna be up ready to eat again! I was at my wit's end. My first thought was to go back to my doc, but I then decided just to text my lactation consultant. My awesome lactation consultant, whom I trust because she breastfed all five of her kids, said that it was probably a milk bleb a.k.a milk blister since it was confirmed that we did not have thrush. Apparently, it is common when your baby starts to eat solid foods. To think that I was thinking solid foods would make things a little easier. Wrong! It seems that at some point in a random time, one of my pores got clogged and the milk was getting stuck under the skin that had grown over it. So, upon her suggestion, I soaked my nipple in hot water and then let my son feed on it. After multiple attempts, we got it unclogged! As of now, I have not had any burning. Although my boob was super sore this morning from all that work we put in last night. But I would rather have a sore boob than one on fire! Hopefully, there will not be a boob pains part 3.

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