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Temper Tantrums..

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

My son is learning how to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way with everything. Even though for right now, it is super adorable. It probably won't be as cute when he's four and beating me in the head with his sippy cup because I didn't sing his favorite songs right. He does this pterodactyl scream. As of now, me singing his favorite songs is about the only thing that makes feel him entertained. So, of course, I sing until he's happy. Not even sure how it soothes him because my singing sounds like a choking chicken, but whatever works! #ParentLife. At night, he makes my husband sing either five little monkeys or the barney song before he will go to sleep. He literally has to sing about 50 times. The things we do for our kids! My son is definitely spoiled in every way. But he is only going to be this young once in his life. Eventually, he will have his own things going on and won't care about hearing us sing to him. People love to offer parenting advice that you didn't even ask for or want. You mention his cute temper tantrums or the fact that he is up my butt most of the time and people give you this look of horror. They usually follow up with well you should do or try this. In my mind, I'm like "Listen, Linda, he might be a hellion when he gets a little older, but that will be my problem." as I'm smiling and nodding. So, I am going to spoil him and enjoy every second I have right now. They grow up so fast! #BoyMom

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