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So, I am stuck on when to wean my sweet baby boy. I have scoured the mom boards, and some people say you should start at one year old while some say two years old. My main concern is that he will become too possessive if I do not begin weaning him at one. Plus, I like the idea of weaning him before two so that I can get a break from breastfeeding. I love breastfeeding, and I encourage it for those interested in trying it. However, it can be very exhausting and overwhelming! My son is almost a year old, and it has gotten a lot easier because he drinks water and eats other foods, but he still wakes up every few hours at night wanting to eat. I have no idea how to wean the night feedings. I've read where people say he doesn't even need to eat through the night anymore, but I hate to take it away, and he is hungry or worse wake up ready to play. Sounds awful, I know. May also seem lazy, but ya girl likes her sleep. With what little bit I get anyway. Any advice?? I will update as I take this journey. #BreastfeedingLife

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